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Armie Hammer Discusses Sexual Assault Allegations

It has been nearly two years since sexual assault allegations against Armie Hammer arose, and the actor is now speaking out. In an interview with Air Mail Magazine, Hammer reveals that the scandal led to him almost taking his life. He also states that he underwent sexual trauma at the hands of a youth pastor leading to his interest in BDSM.

Hammer describes his abuse at the hands of the youth pastor. He states that sex was introduced to him at a young age in a terrifying way. As a result, he felt he wanted to be in control sexually. The actor was 13 at the time of the abuse.

Effie was the first to accuse Hammer

Multiple women came out to accuse Hammer of sexual assault in 2021, including Effie, who held a press conference. She revealed that her relationship with Hammer had begun in 2016 through Facebook and that the actor had raped her. Following her accusations, the Los Angeles Police Department started an investigation that is still ongoing.

After the accusation came out, the actor’s rep called them outrageous. Hammer now says that the alleged rape was a scene the two had planned while messaging on Facebook. He said that they would do some consensual non-consent scenes and that he would never expose someone to these scenes unexpectedly.

Hammer claims that Effie had planned the scene

Hammer also says that the scene between him and Effie was her idea and that she had planned everything, from where he would meet her and how he would follow her home. Then he would unlock the door, and the two could engage in a non-consent scene. Hammer claims that they have discussed this on Facebook Messenger. However, they had deleted the messages; thus, Hammer had been unable to put the issue to rest when it first emerged.

Other partners accused Hammer of sexual misconduct

However, Effie was not the only former partner that accused Hammer of sexual assault. Courtney Vucekovich, who participated in House of Hammer, a docuseries on Discovery, claims that she and Hammer had done bondage and biting and that one experience had been belittling and degrading. Paige Lorenze, another former partner, says that Hammer had slowly introduced BDSM into their relationship. However, this had been consensual.

Hammer admits to being emotionally abusive

Although Hammer has denied any crimes, he admits that he was emotionally abusive towards his partners. For instance, his former partners, Vucekovich and Lorenze, were ten years younger. In addition, there was a power imbalance since he had been a successful actor during their relationship. According to Hammer, these women were content to be around him and would have done anything he asked. Hammer took advantage of this, used them, then left.

Hammer attempted suicide

The allegations of sexual assault came out months after Hammer had separated from his wife, Elisabeth Chamber. The accusations took a toll on him, and he attempted suicide while living in the Cayman Islands. Instead, Hammer swam further from the beach, hoping to get hit by a boat, eaten by a shark, or drown. Fortunately, he realized his children were still at the beach and changed his mind.

Hammer hasn’t had a project since the accusations emerged. However, he says that he is helping others. The actor went to rehab for substance abuse and sex issues following the allegations. He intends to live with another recovering addict and become their sober companion. In addition, the actor states that he has received support from Robert Downey Jr., who also struggled with substance abuse.

Hammer says he takes accountability for being selfish, using people, and moving on after they made him feel better. As a result, he claims he is now happier, more balanced, and more present for his children.

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