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Tom Brady’s Valentine’s Day Message Is Mystifying

Tom Brady, the legendary NFL quarterback, was in the news on Valentine’s Day after he posted an enigmatic message on Instagram. The message, a poem by Sadhguru, garnered thousands of likes minutes after it was posted.

“Love is not a transaction; it is a certain exuberance and sweetness of your emotion,” the poem reads.

Is Brady Itching for a Comeback?

Comments from fans indicate a sharp divide, with one side interpreting it as a heartfelt expression of love and the opposing side seeing it as a desperate move to get the love of his life back. 

Although Tom Brady didn’t mention his ex-wife Gisele Bündchen by name, there’s a possibility that his emotional tribute was dedicated to his former Valentine. 

In another post, Tom shared photos of all his kids, including his two children with Gisele. The first photo was of Vivian, 10, with the caption “The Sweetest,” while the second picture was of Benjamin, 13, with the quote “True Love.” The other was of his son, John Moynahan, 15, whom he shares with Bridget Moynahan. 

With this touching display of family love on Valentine’s Day, fans are left wondering if Tom is trying to win back Gisele’s heart. Some fans speculate that his social media activity is a desperate plea to save their marriage. Others, however, see it as a romantic gesture to reaffirm his love for his ex-wife, hoping to rekindle their relationship.

However, it’s not just Tom who made a note of Valentine’s Day. Gisele also engaged her more than 20 million Instagram followers, sharing a series of snapshots with her pups. “I am convinced they are little angels on Earth. Happy Valentine’s Day to all!” read the caption to a photo of the supermodel with her furry friend. 

The former couple was married for close to 15 years before divorcing. They have previously referenced each other social media since separating. For example, Gisele wished Brady “only wonderful things in this new chapter of your life” after the NFL superstar retired.

The two first met in 2006 and started dating, quickly becoming one of the most talked-about couples in showbiz. They married two years later in a private Santa Monica, California ceremony.

Gisele and Brady Have Seen Many UPS and Downs

Over the years, Tom and Gisele’s relationship has been the subject of much speculation. In 2015, rumors began circulating that the couple was having marital problems. Some reports claimed that Tom had cheated on Gisele, while others said that Gisele was unhappy with Tom’s commitment to football.

Despite the rumors, the couple remained together and continued to show each other love and support. They have two children together, Vivian Lake and Benjamin Rein. Tom also has a son, John Edward Thomas Moynahan, from a previous relationship.

In 2018, Gisele opened up about the struggles that she and Tom had faced in their relationship. She revealed that there were times when she felt like giving up, but the couple always managed to work through their issues. Gisele credited their strong bond to their shared values and their commitment to each other.

In 2020, Tom and Gisele celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary. Tom took to Instagram to share a heartfelt message with his wife. He wrote, “I couldn’t have imagined a better wife and partner than you, and I’m so grateful for the last 11 years together. I love you so much.”

Upon divorcing, the couple expressed the desire to do everything to protect their children. Brady stated they are “blessed with beautiful and wonderful children who will continue to be the center of our world in every way. We will continue to work together as parents to always ensure they receive the love and attention they deserve.”

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