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‘Bennifer’ Gets Matching Tattoo

53-year-old Jennifer Lopez recently revealed a new matching tattoo that she and her partner Ben Affleck got as a symbol of their commitment to their new relationship. Lopez shared a Valentine’s Day post on her Instagram page, featuring throwback and recent photos of the couple being affectionate towards each other.

The Tattoo Signifies Commitment

The tattoo consists of two arrows and the letters J and B, the initials of their first names. The singer’s tattoo can be seen on her left side, close to the armpit. There is no information on Affleck’s tattoo.

J-Lo captioned the post: “Happy Valentine’s Day my love (Look for more deets on VDay coming #OnTheJLo soon…) #CommitmentIsSexy #ThisIsUsThen #ThisIsUsNow #ThisIsMeNow,” Jennifer captioned the post.”

Bennifer’s matching tattoos and adorable photos have received much praise from fans. One fan expressed, “The heart wants what the heart wants,” while another shared their happiness that the two have found each other again. Another Instagram user referred to the couple as “beautiful” together, and another said they were “excited” about their favorite celebrity couple getting a matching tat.

The revelation of the “commitment” tattoo comes just a few days after Affleck was spotted in Los Angeles, CA, taking photos with his family members.  Benny was hanging out with his wife, daughter, and son in Los Angeles, California, three days prior. 

Bennifer is Back

After nearly two decades apart, the couple got back in 2021. The couple has been making headlines for the public displays of affection since they were first spotted together in May 2021. Then, in August 2022, Bennifer tied the knot in front of family and friends at their home in Riceboro, Georgia. 

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez first met on the set of the movie “Gigli” in 2002. Affleck was a hitman, and J-Lo a lesbian gangster. The film earned several Razzie Awards and killed it at the box office, despite not sitting well with many critics. The movie stars started dating right after the set, quickly becoming one of the most photographed couples in Hollywood and earning the nickname Bennifer.

Over the next two years, Bennifer starred in two more movies, “Jersey Girl” and “The Reel Me.” They also collaborated on several music videos, including “Jenny from the Block” and “Goin’ In.” 

Away from movie and music sets, Bennifer was also famous for their lavish lifestyle and extravagant gifts. They had multiple homes in wealthy neighborhoods, including a mansion in Beverly Hills, a villa in Miami, and an apartment in New York City.

They captivated paparazzi and fans alike when their relationship was on the rocks. In 2004, the couple revealed they had called off their engagement and subsequent wedding. The bombshell was dropped merely days before the big day, which was scheduled to take place in Santa Barbara.

After their split, Ben and Jennifer pursued their own paths, both professionally and personally. Ben continued to act in movies, including “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Argo,” and won an Academy Award for Best Picture as a producer. He also got married to and divorced from actress Jennifer Garner, with whom he has three children. 

Meanwhile, J-Lopez, released several albums, including “Como Ama una Mujer” and “Love?,” and appeared in movies and TV shows. She also got married to and divorced from singer Marc Anthony, with whom she has two children.

Bennifer reunited in early 2021, although this was only rumors at first. The speculation intensified when they were spotted together in Montana, where Ben reportedly owns a ranch. They would later be seen again being romantic in public in Miami.

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