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5 Juicy Secrets in Pamela Anderson Love Pamela Memoir

The secrets are already out of the much-awaited memoir by Pamela Anderson, Love Pamela. From revealing how the actress was sexualized at an early age to how she rose the ranks to become Playboy’s favorite cover girl, the memoir is like no other. Yet, the secrets the Canadian American actress spilled are already sending shockwaves, shivers, and a wave of denials from people caught on the wrong side of the aisle.

The memoir details a troubled childhood of a young actress who had everything stacked for her amid the odds. Nevertheless, she had to endure a lot of abuse, from being molested by a babysitter to abusive early relationships. Her high school boyfriend once kicked her out of the car. She was also molested in the backseat of a car while her boyfriend watched.

While she went on to hold the record for most covers in magazines by any person, Anderson claims she opted to pose nude to take back control of her sexuality.

Ahead of its publication next week, we look at some of the juicy secrets likely to send tails wagging and people asking for more.

Tim Allen Flashed His Nudity on Set

One of the biggest revelations in the Love Pamela memoir is that Tim Allen flashed his nudity. Pamela Anderson alleges that in 1991 while on the set of Home Improvement, Allen walked straight to her in the hallway, opened his robe, and flashed his nakedness.

While completely naked, Allen remarked, it was only fair to do so as he had also seen her naked, now we are even. “I laughed uncomfortably,” Anderson remarks. But, as expected, Allen has refuted the claims insisting he could never do such a thing.

Anderson’s appearance on the show made it one of the highest-rated sitcoms for the first two seasons. At the time, her name was synonymous with sex appeal, which she insists affected her career and personal life.

Tommy Lee Relation and Infamous Sex Tape

While Anderson has been in many relationships, she insists nothing compares to what she had with rocker Tommy Lee even though it ended in tears. She further writes that it was the only time she was ever truly in love. But, according to the actress, the relationship was ruined when their honeymoon tape was stolen and released as a sex tape.

It has also emerged that Tommy lee was not that perfect as he suffered from temper and jealousy issues.

Anderson Tried to Commit Suicide

While Anderson and Tommy Lee married on a beach in Cancun in 1995, the marriage was not a bed of roses. Anderson claims that at one point, Lee rammed his car into her makeup trailer on Baywatch after he found out she had a love scene with David Chokachi.

With the relationship on the rocks, she says she tried to overdose on Vodka and Advil to escape the misery. The birth of their two kids exacerbated the situation, as Lee felt he was no longer the priority in the relationship. Lee was consequently arrested in 1998 for spousal abuse after he threw the actress and one of the kids to the ground out of anger.

After servinfg six months in jail, Anderson filed for divorce, which she says was the hardest, lowest, and most difficult parry of her life.

Doomed Marriages

Following the collapse of Tommy lee Marriage, Anderson writes in the memoir that she has not got it right with other relationships. Her famous relationships with Kid Rock, Rock Salomon, and John Peters also ended up shortly afterward. While she married Salomon two times, she claims the relationship was always doomed as he ended up being a drug addict.

Sylvester Stallone Fling

Yes, Sylvester Stallone had a thing for the playboy actress and even offered her a condo and Porsche to be his no-one girl. Anderson says she declined the role after asking ‘Does that mean there is a No 2’?

Stallone, through his lawyer, has already refuted the claims insisting he never made any portion of the statement and that it is completely untrue.

In the memoir, Anderson also gets candid on high-profile suitors that chased her, including Mario Van Peebles, Scott Biao, David Charset, Dean Cain, and Bret Michaels.

Other famous persons that longed to meet her included deceased Cuban President Fidel Castrol and John D Kennedy Jr.

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