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Britney Spears is Back on Instagram After Fans Called the Police on Her

Britney Spears is again on Instagram after a falling out with her fans. The pop star says she was unhappy that many people called her crazy and said she looked like an idiot while dancing. Spears then announced her intentions to change her name to River Red then deactivated her Instagram account. This move resulted in her fans calling the police and asking for a wellness check which the singer thought was uncalled for.

The singer took to Twitter to voice her frustrations with the situation. She explained her reason for taking down her account and how she had felt about her fans’ response. Spears states that the problem disturbed her and that her feelings were hurt when she saw the media take up the story.

Spears states that she was shocked when her fans decided to call the police after she took down her Instagram. Furthermore, this isn’t the first time the singer has done this, nor is she the first celebrity to take down their social media account.

The police got calls from fans after Spears deactivated her account

According to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, they began getting calls from concerned fans about Spears from 11 pm on Tuesday. The department decided to err on caution and checked up on the singer. Fortunately, they ruled there was no cause for concern. Spears had confirmed that the police didn’t enter her home as they immediately realized she was fine when they reached her gate.

Spears feels that people were trying to make her look bad

Spears feels that this was unnecessary. She says that while she adored her fans, she doesn’t believe that a true fan would do such a thing and that those aren’t real fans. She also believes that this was to ruin her image. This led her to talk about an experience with drunken girls who had been in her face. The singer felt she had to defend herself and asked them to leave her alone.

Spears concluded her story by stating that she was doing her best. She added that she was alive and healthy and wished her fans a good day.

Spears first addressed the matter in her Instagram Story and said her privacy was violated when her fans called the police. The pop star thought she was being gaslit and bullied when the news made it to mainstream media, making her look bad. Spears says she hopes her fans and the rest of the public will respect her privacy.

Spears receives mixed reactions from fans

Her fans had mixed reactions to the post. Others believed that the phone calls had been necessary due to her history. They stated that for years the public had been lied to about her well-being and that Spears had been forced to participate in the lie. For this reason, the fans were simply worried about her mental state.

Fans who did not support the decision to call the police on Spears posted that they found the situation embarrassing and felt people should leave Spears alone. They stated that while they worried about Britney, calling the police was a step too far. Some said that fans had to accept that the singer didn’t want to be in the spotlight as much anymore.

Spears faces accusations of a meltdown in a restaurant

This is the latest incident of people invading Spear’s privacy, as the media recently accused her of having a manic episode at a restaurant. She denied the claims and stated that she was a little drunk. However, the restaurant staff came out in support of the star, saying that Spears hadn’t had a meltdown and another patron was to blame as she took a video of Spears without her permission.

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