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Chris Brown Apologizes to Robert Glasper After Losing Grammys

Chris Brown has apologized to Robert Glasper after he reacted poorly to losing the Grammys. The singer shared a screenshot of his message to Glasper in his Instagram Story. Brown congratulated the singer for winning the Best R&B album category in 2023 and explained that his rant had nothing to do with Glasper. He then added three emojis: a red heart, a praying emoji, and a shrug emoji. 

Brown says his problem was with the academy

 In the message, Brown congratulated Glasper’s win and apologized for any offense he had caused. He also said that while his rant had seemed mean and rude, it hadn’t been an attack on Glasper. Instead, it had been a rant against the academy.

Brown added that he had done his research on Glasper and realized that he was amazing. He stated that the academy wasn’t doing the two black men any favors by having them in one category as their music is in different genres. Brown said that he hoped Glasper could provide for his family for life. 

Brown attacked Glasper in his Instagram stories

To say that Brown is disappointed with his loss in the 65th Annual Grammy Award would be putting it mildly. The famous singer expressed frustration with the academy soon after the award show. Unfortunately, Brown also put Glasper on blast in several Instagram Stories.

From his rants, it was clear that Brown didn’t know Glasper even though the 44-year-old pianist has received praise as a leading artist in modern jazz. Brown posted a screenshot of a Google search asking who Glasper was and added laughing emojis. He continued to attack Glasper while joking about how he could have won the category. Brown even joked that he might need to add to his skills by learning to play the harmonica.

Brown even used a post by Glasper himself to attack him. The jazz artist had shared a post on Instagram days before the award show mocking himself by asking who Robert Glasper was. After Glasper’s win, he shared numerous photos of people congratulating him. Brown also posted that many people were asking who Glasper was. He jokingly encouraged people to view his Instagram stories for answers.

Glasper has won more Grammys than Brown

Glasper won the award for his album Black Radio III. Chris, who was in the same category, had received a nomination for his Breezy album. During his acceptance speech, the jazz singer thanked all his fans and the people involved in making the album.

This award is not the first that Glasper has won. He has previously received 11 Grammy nominations and taken home five awards. His first nomination was in 2010. Conversely, Brown only won one Grammy in 2012 for best R&B album for his album F.A.M.E despite being more famous. He has also received 20 nominations since 2007.

Harry Styles beat Glasper

Glaser’s album also had a nomination for Best Engineered Album, non-classical. However, he lost this category to Harry Styles for his album Harry’s House.Despite Brown’s rant, the 2023 Grammys were historic for some other artists, including Beyonce Knowles, who won her 32nd album. The singer won an award for best dance/electronic album for her work in Renaissance. This award was a crucial moment in history as it made her the artist with the most Grammys, overtaking George Solti, who had kept this record for over 20 years. Beyonce gave an emotional speech thanking everyone for their support, including her Uncle Johnny, who helped her create stage outfits before she became famous. The singer has stated that her late uncle’s battle with H.I.V. influenced her interest in dance and its link to the LGBTQ+ community.

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