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Migos Duo’s Rage Boils Over During 63rd Grammy Awards Ceremony

The 63rd Grammy Awards ceremony was marked by controversy when Quavo and Offset were involved in a melee. TMZ reported that the Migos duo got into a physical altercation backstage during the awards ceremony. Citing sources close to the rap duo, TMZ said that the altercation started after Offset was upset with Quavo.

The duo was in the middle of a discussion when the argument escalated quickly. The two artists were reportedly shouting and cursing at each other, with security being called in to intervene. The incident caused quite a stir among the other celebrities and guests in attendance, many of whom took to social media to express their shock and disbelief.

While the exact details of what caused the argument are unclear, TMZ reports that it may be related to the tribute to Takeoff. The late rapper, who was a beloved member of the trio, died on November 1, 2022, from a gun wound. The tribute was meant to honor Takeoff’s place in the group as well as his contribution to the growth of the new school of rap and hip hop. 

TMZ details that it seems that the duo had differing opinions on how the tribute should be executed. Quavo was said to have wanted a more elaborate and emotional tribute, while Offset was reportedly more focused on keeping things simple and straightforward. The two artists’ differing opinions ultimately heated up emotions, spilling over into a melee.

The incident has raised questions about the future of Migos. With Takeoff gone and Quavo and Offset at odds with each other, it is unclear what the future holds. Some fans are speculating that this could be the end of Migos. However, others are holding onto the hope that the remaining members can reconcile and continue making music together.

The TMZ report further claims that Offset did not start the fight. Instead, it was Quavo who provoked the altercation. 

Despite the drama behind the scenes, the tribute to Takeoff went ahead as planned. The performance was a powerful and emotional tribute to the late rapper. It featured several of his most popular songs and a touching video montage. The tribute received a standing ovation from the audience and was widely praised on social media.

However, Offset took to Twitter, terming the reports as rumors. “What tf [it] look like fighting my brother [y’all] n—s is crazy,” the 31-year-old rapper said in a tweet. The Grammy Awards organizers have not yet released an official statement on the alleged altercation.

There is no news of a statement from Quavo, with all his social media platforms remaining mum on the issue. 

TMZ said the two rappers were close before Takeoff’s death. They have also been seen together severally since the demise of the third member of their rap group.

However, this is not the first time the Migos rap group has been involved in controversy during a major music awards ceremony. The group was involved in a similar altercation at the 2017 BET Awards, where they were involved in a scuffle with fellow rapper Joe Budden.

The duo has also had an altercation between themselves before. Over the years, there have been numerous rumors and reports of tension within the group, with many speculating about the possibility of a breakup.

However, despite these challenges, Migos have continued to thrive, releasing multiple hit albums and collaborating with some of the biggest names in the music industry. Their unique style, blending elements of hip-hop, trap, and R&B, has earned them a large and dedicated fan base, and they are widely considered one of their generation’s most influential hip-hop groups.

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